Disabling TDS for 404 pages on Comcast

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In a move I personally consider being highly intrusive and overstepping boundaries, Comcast (and many other ISP’s) have started to display their ad-ridden, useless, search pages to be “helpful” to a user who types in an incorrect web address. There are many reasons a person would want to shut these off. For one thing, if… Read more »

Double HTC Evo 4G Battery Life

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In my constant battle to increase the batter life of my Evo phone, including killing processes, juggling brightness, and only enabling hardware features when needed (e.g. Bluetooth and WiFi), I finally decided to take my co-workers advice make the easiest and most-effective update: Buy a new battery! Now, don’t hate me for taking the easy… Read more »

Review of the Viewsonic G-Tablet

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I purchased my Viewsonic G-Tablet from Woot about a month ago for $280 (it was also available today from Woot). Most tablets sell for $500 to $600, so $280 is definitely a bargain (or, at least, would appear to be). You can also pick this up on Amazon for around $300: ViewSonic gTablet with 10″ Multi-Touch… Read more »

Review of Pioneer Steel Wheels Headphones

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I just got my Pioneer Steel Wheels over-ear headphones in the mail from a recent woot sale. They were $30,  a quick (post-mortem) search reveals they sell for about $40. I’ve been listening to them for about an hour now, both through my HTC Evo 4G and my Linux Laptop. These things are BASSY! When listening to… Read more »