Linux Mint Disable “Recently Used”

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Linux Mint (and likely other distributions) come with a feature which tracks files that have been recently modified by certain GTK+ based GUI applications. This feature appears when you use the common “Save As” or “Open” dialogs. The feature displays a read-only, pseudo directory which cannot be written to, requiring an additional step to browse… Read more »

Online Colorscheme Configurator for i3, i3status, dmenu

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This is a crude webapp for generating configuration files for theming i3, i3status, and dmenu. Change any of the inputs and you’ll be greeted with a UI tool to select a color. Copy and paste colors between fields to make them consistent. Online Colorscheme Configurator for i3, i3status, dmenu As you make changes the mocked-up… Read more »

A Holistic Approach to Microservices

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Based on my recent focus on the world of Microservices I’ve decided to write a new book. The working title is “A Holistic Approach to Microservices” and as you can guess it covers a large amount of information. Signup to Receive Updates That link will put you on a mailing list that I’ll update when the… Read more »

SF Node November 2016 – Node, Redis, and You!

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Here’s a recording of my talk from the November SFNode Meetup. In this talk I discuss using Redis with Node.js, how to use it for sharing state between multiple Node.js processes, and how to perform atomic operations using MULTI/EXEC and EVAL/EVALSHA. You can also View the Presentation directly if you don’t want to hear me… Read more »

Wrangling Microservices at OpenTable

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June Microservices Meetup Thursday, Jun 30, 2016, 6:30 PM Google SF345 Spear Street, 7th floor San Francisco, CA 100 Micros Went Hi, everyone! We’re pleased to announce the June meetup for SF Microservices. Thanks again for your many offers to host, speak, and sponsor!This meetup is sponsored by our friends at Google who are generously donating… Read more »

Linux-Compatible USB-C to HDMI Adapter

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I recently purchased the Dell XPS 13 (9350) laptop, which lacks any dedicated video output ports but does have a USB-C port. This recent Skylake-based laptop is constantly gaining hardware compatibility with Linux with each kernel release, so almost as soon as a new kernel comes out I upgrade. Consequently I’m currently running Linux Kernel 4.6.2…. Read more »

My Trip to Japan

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I recently took a trip to Japan. Currently I live in San Francisco as a Software Engineer, and grew up in the Midwest, which should explain the perspective of this post. People and Culture From what I’ve seen, Japanese people want to keep the world in at least as good of a state as when… Read more »

Enabling Yubikey U2F support in Linux

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If you’re using a Yubikey device with a Linux computer, you may have noticed that plugging in the device and pressing the button does emit a string of characters, however it fails to work with U2F websites when using, say, Google Chrome. In order to get it working, you’ll want to execute the following command… Read more »