Developing Cobalt Dungeon using Phaser and Cordova

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I recently released a mobile game called Cobalt Dungeon. This game is based on Phaser 2 and uses a fullscreen canvas and basically only touches the DOM during initialization. The application itself is wrapped in Cordova 8 and runs on iPhone and Android. It’s currently available for both platforms in their respective stores: Cobalt Dungeon… Read more »

Cobalt Dungeon for iOS is now available

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Cobalt Dungeon is now available for iOS. Check out Cobalt Dungeon for iOS on the App Store! Of course, if you’ve been checking out by recent posts, you’d know that Cobalt Dungeon is a “Puzzle Roguelike” for mobile devices. You play by swiping to move your character and attack enemies. There are also two other… Read more »

Cobalt Dungeon for Android is now available

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The game I’ve been working on for the last few months is now available on the Google Play Store: Install Cobalt Dungeon for Android (previously named Crossover) Please check it out! One of the biggest things you can do to support me is to install it and write a review! As more people play the… Read more »

I’m working on a mobile game called Cobalt Dungeon

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Cobalt Dungeon (previously Crossover) aims to be a “Mobile Roguelike Puzzle” game. For the last several years I’ve been trying to create Roguelike games with varying success. My most prolific attempts were with a series of incomplete games I created called Cobalt Calibur. There were actually three iterations of this game! Cobalt Calibur is a… Read more »

Support me on Patreon

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Hey there! I’m a Software Engineer, Musician, Story Teller, Blogger, Public Speaker, and most importantly, an Indie Game Developer. I’ve created several games in the past, almost always written using web technologies. A lot of people think that HTML5 isn’t powerful enough to run a mobile game, but when I show them a fullscreen game… Read more »

Twitter Plays Zork: @DemocraticZork

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I just finished an early version of a Twitter Bot which generates playable Zork-like levels and post them via Twitter. Levels can be interacted with by replying to the bots tweets. You can check out the bot at @DemocraticZork on Twitter. The game itself was inspired by a recent conference I attended called Roguelike Celebration…. Read more »

Go v1.9.1 vs Node v8.9.0 Microbenchmark

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This is a contrived microbenchmark comparing an HTTP server written in Node and Go. In both examples we have a global hit counter which increments with each request. The value is then returned to the client as JSON using simple string interpolation. This is the command we use for the benchmark: siege -b http://localhost:8000/ Node… Read more »