JavaScript Roguelike Level Generator

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I’ve built (another) JavaScript Roguelike level generator! I’m planning on using it in an upcoming game. It works pretty well though I do have more plans to improve it. Download it from PhobosRising/roguelike-level.js (released under the MIT License). Here’s an example of a generated level:  

What I learned while publishing an HTML5 Mobile App

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This week I’m guest blogging on my friends website, Code Planet! In particular I wrote a five part article (6,000 words!) on what I learned while developing my recent game, Strategic Game of Life. Check it out here: What I learned while publishing an HTML5 Mobile App

Strategic Game of Life: Mobile Edition

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Play It Strategic Game of Life on Google Play Strategic Game of Life on Firefox Marketplace Strategic Game of Life Web (play it on anything) Strategic Game of Life on iOS App Store Strategic Game of Life on Amazon Appstore Strategic Game of Life Classic (2013, desktop only) A Simple Port Strategic Game of Life: Mobile… Read more »

Tips for Building Mobile Games in HTML5

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There are a myriad of native mobile game engines available today, JavaScript will never be as fast as a game running compiled code, and simply running a game in a browser provides a lackluster user experience. That said HTML5 is still a powerful and free platform that you may already be proficient in, and if written correctly, HTML5/JS can be more than adequate for many… Read more »

Gridloche: Realtime Multiplayer Go-Like with RPG Elements

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I’ve been awake for over 24 hours developing at the Beta Breakers Gamejam. Here’s my entry: Play Gridloche (browser) Challenge Post (entry) It’s a multiplayer game where many players can join simultaneously. New characters are made available to all players at the same interval. Drag and drop a character from the inventory at the bottom of the… Read more »

Client-Side Terrain Tile Representation Algorithm

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Cobalt Calibur, an MMORPG I’ve been working on for several years, is going to eventually be rendered in 3D. The game will keep its tiled approach to world generation, due to the dynamic-ness of the world (tons of polygons and complex procedurally generated meshes would be insane). Each tile will represent something like a square… Read more »

Fun Timing Game in Canvas

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Seizure Spheres: HTML5 Canvas Game

I just spent the last two hours building a game with my friend Andrew Beattie. Check out Seizure Spheres now! Right now! Gameplay is very simple. Just hit WASD to toggle the arrows. You want the colors to be the same when the balls are at their largest. If not, you lose lives. When you… Read more »

The Upcoming Parallel Digital Universe

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Screen Shot 2012-12-01 at 11.20.07 AM

Today I checked out Google Earth for the first time in a year. It’s integrated into the Google Maps application now and displays via WebGL, which is badass in and of itself. The picture from above is of Portland, Oregon. I zoomed in a lot and was able to simulate walking around the streets. As… Read more »