Refactoring a Node.js codebase using Async/Await

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This week I refactored a Node project of mine from the traditional Node callback pattern to the recently available Async/Await pattern. This pattern is available without transpiling code as of Node v8.3. In this post I’ll walk you through a small example of this conversion. This particular project is by no means large; it consists… Read more »

The only bad thing about ES7 async/await

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Here’s a post I wrote over at my friends collaborative blog site, Code Planet: The only bad thing about ES7 async/await. It adds some further insight into the async/await constructs given to us by ES7, particularly regarding an anti-pattern which I suspect will become very common amongst developers.

The long road to Async/Await in JavaScript

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This is a comparison of different methods for performing asynchronous control flow in JavaScript, specifically Callbacks, Promises, Generators / Yields (ES6), and Async / Await (ES7). To follow along be sure you understand how the JavaScript Event Loop works and what it means when code is executed synchronously in the current stack, or shoved into the queue to… Read more »

Tips for Building Mobile Games in HTML5

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There are a myriad of native mobile game engines available today, JavaScript will never be as fast as a game running compiled code, and simply running a game in a browser provides a lackluster user experience. That said HTML5 is still a powerful and free platform that you may already be proficient in, and if written correctly, HTML5/JS can be more than adequate for many… Read more »

The Basics of Backbone.js Presentation

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Today I did a high-level presentation of Backbone.js, covering many of the same topics from my book. This video is a recording of my voice as well as the presentation. It was done in front of an audience of about 50 Barracuda Networks employees.

Cheating at Cookie Clicker

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A friend linked to this game the other day: Cookie Clicker It’s really simple. You click something over and over, and you buy upgrades, and then some automated processes happen in the background. Open your console, and paste in the following commands. They will allow you to play the game automatically. Notice the $$; this… Read more »

The JavaScript Event Loop [Presentation]

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I gave a talk this morning on the JavaScript Event Loop at Penguicon 2013. Even though I had used JavaScript for several years, I didn’t completely comprehend how the Event Loop works until a few months ago. When the opportunity came to present at Penguicon, I figured this was as good of a topic as… Read more »