PHP, Redis, and You!

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Here’s the code and notes for a presentation I’m giving this Saturday on PHP and Redis: Even if you’re not going to presentation, feel free to check it out and give it a try. Redis is pretty simple to use and quite powerful once you get the hang of it.

Unable to install RethinkDB 1.5.0 using Homebrew

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$ brew install rethinkdb ==> Downloading Already downloaded: /Library/Caches/Homebrew/rethinkdb-1.5.0.tgz ==> ./configure –prefix=/usr/local/Cellar/rethinkdb/1.5.0 –fetch protobuf –fetch protoc ==> make make[1]: *** [build/release_clang_notcmalloc/rethinkdb_web_assets/js/reql_docs.json] Error 1 make[1]: *** Deleting file `build/release_clang_notcmalloc/rethinkdb_web_assets/js/reql_docs.json’ make[1]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs…. make[1]: unlink: build/release_clang_notcmalloc/rethinkdb_web_assets/.: Invalid argument make: *** [make] Error 2 READ THIS: The only thing Google brings up is… Read more »

Notes for PHP and MongoDB Talk

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These are my notes for the talk I’m giving today on PHP and MongoDB. Example PHP script for communicating with MongoDB: #!/usr/bin/env php <?php // Instantiate the Mongo client $m = new MongoClient(); // Connect to a database. If it doesn’t exist, it will be created $db = $m->example; // Point to a collection within… Read more »

MongoDB Node.js driver collection select doesn’t require callback

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Here is the method I was using for the longest time for selecting collections (after following along with numerous tutorials). It seemed that there must be some IO involved with that operation, since they have a callback function. mongo.db.collection(‘users’, function(err, collection) { // No collection, so throw a 500 Server Error if (err) { console.log((‘[… Read more »

CouchDB and PHP Web Development

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I recently got my hands on the book CouchDB and PHP Web Development: Beginner’s Guide, written by Tim Juravich and published by Packt. This book aims to provide the reader with enough information to build their own website powered by PHP and using the CouchDB, a NoSQL database. CouchDB and PHP Web Development Beginner’s Guide on Packt… Read more »