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Hey there! I’m a Software Engineer, Musician, Story Teller, Blogger, Public Speaker, and most importantly, an Indie Game Developer. I’ve created several games in the past, almost always written using web technologies. A lot of people think that HTML5 isn’t powerful enough to run a mobile game, but when I show them a fullscreen game… Read more »

What have I been up to? Late 2017 Edition

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This year I will have spoken at least 14 events including 11 meetups and 3 conferences. Teaching is a huge passion of mine but I must admit I did have a secondary goal. That goal is of course to promote and sell copies of my most recent book, Advanced Microservices! After a presentation I pick… Read more »

San Francisco Marathon 2016 Training Schedule

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This is an adaptation of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide – Novice 2 that I’ll be using for the San Francisco 2016 Marathon. A friend of mine showed me his excellent guide, however the tabular format on his site is a bit unwieldy, and his digital version only seems to work for iOS. You can… Read more »

Ten Years of Web Development

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Web development has changed so much! I remember 10 years ago I would Ctrl+S, Alt+Tab, F5. Now it's a much easier Cmd+S, Cmd+Tab, Cmd+R. — Thomas Hunter II (@tlhunter) April 2, 2015

Like the Phoenix

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Cracks marr the surfaceOf your pristine face;Neglect and solitudeLeft acrid distaste.Fear, anger, loathingGuiding every step. Like the Phoenix: rise above,Or perish with regret. One of the neatest things I ever wrote.

What have I been up to? Early 2014 Edition

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The posts to this blog may have subsided, but my exuberance (and GitHub commits) have not. Working on Book #2 My next book is titled A Consumer-Centric Approach to RESTful API Design and unlike my first book will be self published. I’m a lot more excited about this book than the previous one, Backbone.js Application Development…. Read more »

Admirable Qualities of a Tech Company

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Like any employee, I’ve noticed working conditions where I thrive, conditions where I have no motivation, and everything in-between. I’ve worked at Fortune 50’s, Bay-Area Startups, companies with 30-year-old codebases, companies with no codebases. This list represents the ideologies of companies in which I’ve flourished in the past. Doesn’t use a custom framework, especially one… Read more »

On the NSA and Subpoena’s

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It would be illegal to tell the users of your web service that you have been subpoena’d by the NSA and forced to give access to private customer data. However, would it be illegal to create a blog post every single day saying that the service has never received a subpoena, then stop creating new… Read more »

I Wrote a Book: Instant Backbone.js Application Development

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So, yeah, I wrote this book: Amazon: Instant Backbone.js Application Development Packt: Instant Backbone.js Application Development The process took a couple months, despite the relatively short length of the book. You wouldn’t believe how many times the book has to go back and forth between the publisher and the writer! I’ll have to write about… Read more »