Linux-Compatible USB-C to HDMI Adapter

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I recently purchased the Dell XPS 13 (9350) laptop, which lacks any dedicated video output ports but does have a USB-C port. This recent Skylake-based laptop is constantly gaining hardware compatibility with Linux with each kernel release, so almost as soon as a new kernel comes out I upgrade. Consequently I’m currently running Linux Kernel 4.6.2…. Read more »

Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard Review

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Either I’m starting to get old or my lack of stretching before rock climbing for years finally caught up with me. I started noticing some discomfort in my hands when typing with “normal” keyboards. Not wanting to destroy my hands and a career of programming until the day I die, I bought an ergonomic keyboard to… Read more »

Book Review: Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to

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I just put down my copy of Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to by Michael Lively, published through Packt Publishing. Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to on Amazon Hands-on Testing with PHPUnit How-to on Packt Overall, this is a pretty good book, and covers all of the topics one would expect from a Unit Testing book. Such… Read more »

Review of ION GO PAD Folding Computer Game Controller

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After a recent case of video game nostalgia and hunting down NES/SNES emulators, I wanted a game controller to play them on (instead of a computer keyboard). My first choice was a knockoff SNES controller with a USB port I grabbed on Amazon. Unfortunately, it didn’t work (product breakdown coming soon). So, I went out… Read more »

Wacom Bamboo Splash Review

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Steamkid by `ulorinvex Sketch

I recently got a Bamboo Wacom Splash tablet as a christmas present from my awesome mom. I’ve only had this thing for a few days, but I’ve drawn about a dozen things. As a little bit of a backstory, I used to draw all the time when I was younger, always with a 0.5mm graphite… Read more »

Transitioning from MediaTemple to Linode

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If you’ve been following my Twitter account, you’ve undoubtedly noticed my complaints regarding MediaTemple. I’ve been a customer of MediaTemple (MT) for several years now, hosting over a dozen domains there. I’ve been hosting all of these domains on their shared host plan (gs), which runs $20 a month. For about two years, I was… Read more »

PayPal is Bullshit

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PayPal just sent me an interesting email today regarding updates to their User Agreement. From the article: This update to the User Agreement effective November 1, 2012 contains changes that affect how claims you and PayPal have against each other are resolved (see Disputes with PayPal below). You will, with limited exception, be required to… Read more »