Upgrading Linode II: Xen to KVM

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It’s been a while since my last Linode upgrade (about five months judging by the uptime-o-meter). This upgrade took about fifteen minutes and from what I can tell resulted in no side effects. While the last upgrade came with about 60% increase in throughput, this upgrade was closer to 16%. Take it with a grain… Read more »

Upgrading Linode

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I’ve been happily hosting my various PHP/nginx websites and occasional crazy Node.js application on a Linode 1024 VPS for the last couple years. Recently I’ve been looking into AWS and other VPS/PaaS providers for side projects and figured I should check out what I was getting from my Linode. Interesting. Apparently I haven’t upgraded or… Read more »

WordPress GET Variables with lighttpd

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Due to RAM restrictions on various servers I’ve had to use, I learned to axe Apache a long time ago. I’ve replaced it with lighttpd, although I’ll probably be transitioning over to nginx sooner or later (it’s what we use at work, and seems to be even lighter in the memory consumption department). Therefor, all… Read more »

A Primer on Web Caching

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A lot of this article will apply to any network based application, but since I’m a web developer, I’m going to put a web spin on things. Also, I couldn’t help but get into compression a little while discussing browser caching. Caching is a vital part of any high traffic web app, especially ones which… Read more »

PHP + Apache Stack vs Node.js

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This is an apples to oranges comparison. PHP is an older language, running behind the Apache web server in a request/response fashion. Node.js is a non-blocking event-loop framework running JavaScript within the V8 engine, with an optional web server built in. Then again, is it really an apples to oranges comparison? Both technologies are commonly… Read more »

Installing PECL_HTTP on Debian

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I was recently tasked with getting the pecl_http package installed on a server. I already hade PECL all setup (which can be its own nightmare), and I had cURL installed. But, there is a mystery package which needed to be installed first. tlhunter@amalthea:~ $ sudo pecl install pecl_http downloading pecl_http-1.7.4.tgz … Starting to download pecl_http-1.7.4.tgz… Read more »