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The company I work for now,, just had our public launch today! Copy is a cloud storage service with a sexy Web UI (the part I work on) as well as desktop clients for the major operating systems, as well as mobile apps.

Check us out, make an account, and start uploading files. And of course, if you find any issues, be sure to send feedback. You get a whole 5GB to store, with the option of upgrading.

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Thomas is passionate about technology and building products. A web design business created while attending college slowly evolved into a brick and mortar on Main St. of his small Midwestern hometown. His desire for fame and fortune led to the co-founding of a Y Combinator startup and a life in California.

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  1. Ben

    I personally have been using for a while now and I am totally hooked! They offer much better features than than most other cloud storage providers.

    For a limited time, if you use the following link to sign up for, you get additional 5GB of free online storage forever, so a total of 10GB!:


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