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NeoInvoice has finally been shut down. Scroll down and look through the Related Posts if you would like an understanding of the history of the project.

This video is of me going over the features of NeoInvoice. This is just in case the project is never built again, I’ll still have a copy of this video to describe how everything worked. Below is a bunch of screenshots of the different features the app has to offer.

NeoInvoice on GitHub

Thomas Hunter II

Thomas is passionate about technology and building products. A web design business created while attending college slowly evolved into a brick and mortar on Main St. of his small Midwestern hometown. His desire for fame and fortune led to the co-founding of a Y Combinator startup and a life in California.

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59 Responses to “NeoInvoice Post-Mortem”

  1. Kevin

    Sorry to hear you did not manage to get money out of your project.
    The GUI is really impressive, and if you manage to create some buzz around it, now that it is open source, i’m pretty sure you will get:
    – 1 – people to help you improve the project,
    – 2 – potential user to make donation for getting new features implemented!
    There is a real business model behind open source project!
    Keep it up! :)

  2. André

    Maybe you should consider a donation button as Kevin said. Looking at the screenshots I found it a really nice interface and I think you can still try to make some money from it… :)

  3. Boris Martinez Calzadia

    Amazing your project. I have a question. How many time for develop this Application?

    Greetings from El Salvador

  4. Enrique

    Mis felicitaciones Thomas. Cualquiera que valore tu trabajo y lo pueda aplicar estoy seguro que se matricularà con su donativo.
    Una consulta. Serà complicado implementarlo en una plataforma Windows con apache, PHP y MySql..?

  5. ROnald

    Tremedndo proyecto, muy bueno, excelente, pero no consigo ponerlo a funcionar, loginn, registrer no estan?

  6. Jhon

    It’s an excellent project , I’m shocked
    I would like contact me with you to learn more about the programation this is a wonderfull proyect congratulations,i´m going to download it and try it. I would like learn many about this matter and be as intelligent how you’re I’m studying Engineer Systems, I’m from Colombia I hope we can be good friends, bye

  7. furqon

    hi.. many thanks for share your great and excelent application..

    is there ERD picture diagram to share?

    –greeting from indonesia–

  8. Luis

    Hi! I need help for this error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_fetch() in C:\xampp\htdocs\neoinvoice\public\application\libraries\Multicache.php on line 53



    Loved your system .. you know I am a newbie at this, but I would love aprender.por Please could you teach me install XAMPP … agradecira you lot … nice work ..
    my mail.

  10. Faisal

    Downloaded from Github, extracted
    make root to public folder
    permissions set (chmod)
    imported schema in mysql (created mysql user/pass)
    updated config.php (mysql auth + domain)
    installed APC (after reading the comments)
    apache restarted,

    but still no display on web ? no error ! any clue ? no log in Apache error_log. What else is required to install (any package) etc?

    OS=CentOS release 6.2 (Final), PHP Version=5.3.3

  11. Faisal

    Installed memcache via pecl, apache restarted, but still no display on web. (and no error in logs)

    Any clue ?

    Confused with: Either install WordPress into public/docs/, or remove references to the WordPress Model ?

  12. Gustavo

    Very good job but need to prove the folder /login/register and loging/forgot. THANKS

    Muy buen trabajo, pero para probarlo necesitaría las carpeta /login/register y loging/forgot. GRACIAS

  13. Angel

    I have the following error: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in C: \ AppServ \ www \ neo2 \ public \ application \ helpers \ generic_helper.php on line 144

    If you could help me please.

  14. James Peter

    Thank’s so much Mr. Thomas. This WebApp is so cool. I hope to translate in spanish coming soon! Bye..

  15. Arturo

    Hello, I try to install your project but its said that there is not /public/login/

    any idea please?

    Thanks from Peru.

  16. harry

    Muy bueno segun veo en las imagenes, alguien por favor que aya podido correr a aplicacion, me gustaria que me ayude! gracias! uso windows 7 y manjaro linux

  17. Manuel

    Hello Thomas,
    Good job, but, no login folder and php files to work correctly.. Can you please, provide them?

  18. José Luis

    Looks great, if it works the way i want, i will make a donation.
    Hope in the future you will continue with your project.

  19. David

    Hey Thomas,

    Would like to chat to you about neoinvoice but couldn’t find an email address/contact form. If you’re interested, please drop me an email.


  20. john

    Hola ojala me puedan ayudar:
    luego de instalar la aplicación con compserver y me carga la pantalla de presentación pero al tratar de crear una cuenta simplemente no entra y lo que despliega el browser es el nombre del archivo index.php y nada mas, por favor su ayuda

  21. john

    Hello I hope you can help me:
    After installing the application compserver and I load the splash screen but when trying to create an account just does not fit and what the browser displays the file name is index.php and nothing else, please your help

    • Thomas Hunter

      The twitter feature was disabled in the source code as the account is no longer active.

      I’m really not sure what your problem is, please describe it in more detail.

      This is a heavy application, it’s not meant for beginners. You may have to do more research on how Apache and PHP works.

      Also, I’m not sure if it runs under Windows.

      • john

        Thanks, The problem is that on the home screen shows a “disable” to the right as shown in the screen to attach, there is also the / login and register that name when trying to create the accounts

        thank you very much in advance

        • john

          the directory does not exist /login and /register that name when trying to create the accounts

          thank you very much in advance

          • Thomas Hunter

            They don’t need to exist; the .htaccess file will redirect the users request to the proper location.

            You’re going to need to research mod_rewrite (I’m assuming wamp uses apache), and figure out how to get that .htaccess file to work.

  22. Erik

    muy buen aporte, un gran sistema….disculpa no puedo conectarla base de datos estoy probando bajo windows espero tu ayuda gracias

    • Erik

      very good contribution, a great system …. sorry I can not connect database am testing under Windows I hope your help thanks

  23. eze

    Pude hacer andar el sistema en modo localhost en un windows7, solo tienen que habilitar el mod_rewrite on localhost en el arhcivo de la carpeta (C:\AppServ\Apache2.2\conf) archivo httpd.conf lo abren con un bloc de notas y
    le sacan el # a esta linea #LoadModule rewrite_module modules/

  24. camilo

    You can install this software on a server hosting?, and copy the files to the root folder and the database created and modified the file conf.php. I get the following error:

    Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘:’ in /home/u569242811/public_html/application/helpers/generic_helper.php on line 144

  25. François J.

    Here is my report on installing NeoInvoice on Ubuntu Server via VMWare Player, hope that helps:

    Install memcache:
    sudo apt-get install php5-memcache
    sudo apt-get install memcached

    Add to php.ini:
    Restart Apache

    If you get a 403 error:
    mod_rewrite requires
    Options +FollowSymLinks


    display_errors = On
    sql.safe_mode = Off

    Warning fopen(system/cache/xxx.pdf): failed to open stream: Permission denied

    chmod 777 /neoinvoice/public/system/cache/

    email sending never end, no error

    First, install sendmail;
    Then, change /etc/hosts to .local
    This corrects the sendmail WARNING: local host name () is not qualified;

    Does not work with Firefox, use Chrome!

  26. EK

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function apc_fetch() in C:\wamp\www\neoinvoice-master\public\application\libraries\Multicache.php on line 53

  27. Bruce

    Could you teach me how to set up neoinvoice apache2 Virtual Host path setting? I don’t want to use lighttpd. Thanks~~


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