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These are my notes for the talk I’m giving today on PHP and MongoDB.

Example PHP script for communicating with MongoDB:

#!/usr/bin/env php
// Instantiate the Mongo client
$m = new MongoClient();

// Connect to a database. If it doesn't exist, it will be created
$db = $m->example;

// Point to a collection within the db. If it doesn't exist, yup.
$people_collection = $db->people;

// our first person.
$tom = array(
	'name' => 'Thomas Hunter',
	'age' => 27,
	'enjoys' => array(

// add person to collection

// our second person. notice the different structure
$amanda = array(
	'name' => 'Amanda',
	'age' => 31,
	'hates' => array(
	'enjoys' => array(

// lets add her as well

// find() with no argument is basically a SELECT *
$people = $people_collection->find();

// Iterate over our peeps
foreach($people AS $person) {
	// I'm assuming everyone has a name and age
	echo "{$person['name']} is {$person['age']} years old.\n";

	// They might not enjoy anything
	if (isset($person['enjoys'])) {
		echo "Enjoys:\n";
		foreach($person['enjoys'] AS $enjoy) {
			echo "* $enjoy\n";

	// They might not hate anything
	if (isset($person['hates'])) {
		echo "Hates:\n";
		foreach($person['hates'] AS $hate) {
			echo "* $hate\n";



# MongoDB + PHP
Who needs an ORM when we can just throw our objets straight into the database?

## MongoDB vs MySQL
* MongoDB is a schemaless, "document" storage system.
* MongoDB is queried using a JSON superset / JS subset syntax
* MySQL is a schema'd, relational database management system
* MySQL is queried using a SQL dialect
* "Translation" between SQL and Mongo:

## Install Mongo
* OS X
 * `brew update && brew install mongodb`

## Install PHP Mongo Client
* *NIX
 * sudo pecl install mongo

## Using the CLI Interface
By default, there's no database credentials, only listens on localhost

	$ mongo							# Connect
	> show databases				# Get list of databases
	> use DB_NAME					# Pick a DB to work with
	> show collections				# Get a list of collections (tables)
	> db.COLLECTION.list()			# Get items in that collection (SELECT * FROM table)
	> db.COLLECTION.insert({"name": "steve", "age": 28}); # Insert
	> db.COLLECTION.remove(ObjectId("518e654c8f9196b5abf973e3")); # Delete

## Why use MySQL?
* Your data fits the relational database paradigm
* You need guaranteed data storage
* You know how to use MySQL

## Why use MongoDB?
* Your schema changes frequently
* You work with tons of JOINs for small pieces of data (topics, categories)
* You want super fast writes, might not care about a few missing records

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