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I recently bought some stickers through RedBubble. Or, at least, I tried to.

I purchased the stickers on March 15th. A few weeks later I realized they weren’t coming. I contacted them on April 11th, telling them my stickers hadn’t arrived. They slowly responded to my emails over the next few weeks, had me contact the local post office along with the apartment office. Finally, on May 1st, they “shipped them again”. On May 7th, they arrived.

I couldn’t believe how low the quality of these stickers are.

  • While they are cutout to be shaped, the process is obviously automated by computer, and the cutout technique is awkward at best.
  • The quality of the stickers are very low. They are pixelated, and printed from a crappy laser jet printer.
  • One of the stickers contains white text. These stickers were printed on, believe it or not, a white background. That’s right, I’ve gotten some white on white stickers.
  • Not sure why, but the Reddit alien has some weird chunk hanging below him, which needs to be chopped off.

Four of the six stickers are at least usable, despite their low quality. The responses to my emails, while they were really polite and courteous, appeared to be canned responses. After further review of the website, it looks like people upload graphics and they automate the rest. However, I feel I should have been warned ahead of time that my product was at risk of being of poor quality and that RedBubble cannot vouch for the quality of the uploaded sticker image (not that this excuses the laser jet ink).

If you’d like to checkout some high quality stickers take a look at Sticker Mule. The quality of products they make is great, you’re typically going to get non-residue vinyl stickers printed using high quality printers.

Cheap Ink Jet Ink

Cheap Ink Jet Ink

Poorly Cut Outline

Poorly Cut Outline

White on White Text

White on White Text

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  • sam

    dude. posts like this are just lame.

  • Jeremy

    It’s not just the stickers, Red Bubble product quality is very poor across ther whole range. The t-shirts are awful, had to throw them away because print quality so poor.

  • anne

    Try googling “Red Bubble Scam” – they not only make poor quality stickers but they use other people’s copyright without paying, even when those people are screaming about it!!! Where is justice!!

  • sam

    @anne: try googling “anything” scam – I guarantee u – you’re gonna find something.

    “they steal my design” is childish – absolutely every company does this. Facebook, myspace, twitter were/are making a fortune on reselling your “private” data to marketers. Pinterest directly says in their privacy policy – “anything you upload – we own”.

    frigging world nowadays man…

    • anne

      No, Red Bubble is much worse. They print and produce products using stolen designs, even when notified by the copyright owner. The business model is a scam. Facebook does nothing of the sort.

  • Sad artist

    Sadly, the Redbubble scam of misuse of copyright continues. They don’t seem to care about taking and using people’s designs. Low quality merchandise reflects low quality business ethics.

  • Kim

    I ordered two ‘XXL’ t-shirts but received two ‘L’ instead. My emails to Redbubble pointing out the mistake were ignored after weeks so I commented on the public forums but my comments were deleted. How does a company that operates like this stay in business??

  • lisa

    this is a two way street it seems all of the art galleries, redbubble, deviant art, zazzle, and all the others you guys are not artists youve not had your stuff ripped off from you like i have i have had to make a terrible decision to blast all my 10000s of works with huge stinking watermarks cause i am tired of people ripping me off before you complain about one site look at all the others including facebook, flicker, and dont forget the biggest loser infringer of them all pininterest. i was sending 50 dmcas a week for stolen works to all sites for various works, and i got tired of it, im sorry but look around you theft is everywhere not just rb. its up to the users who upload the work sure wish google would slap a big watermark on images googled theres not even a notice stating you cant use this work only this image may be subject to copyright and most thieves have told me they did not know or idk from da user

  • lisa

    oh you want to know why the quality is poor the artists have chosen to ruin their works so people cant steal them

  • Big T

    Just spent a fortune on some stickers that look awful. I could have done it better and cheaper myself. I’ll never order from them again.

  • Newt

    Redbubble’s theft of artist work is just revolting

  • Molly

    Redbubble isn’t that bad, I regularly buy stickers from them and they have all been good quality. You can tell when looking at the stickers before you buy them if they are blurry so don’t buy the shit quality ones. Redbubble does care about copyright because I reported something and it was removed almost immediately. I also nearly purchased a white on white sticker because I assumed they would print it on a different colour. They automatically cancelled my order and refunded me. Maybe I have just not come across anything bad on this website but I think it’s pretty good. Don’t give it shitty ratings and reviews because of your ignorance.

  • samantha

    I ordered stickers from redbubble and they were “shipped” march 25th and it’s April 20th and I’ve been to the post office, check mail every day, nothing. I emailed them four days ago and haven’t heard back. 10/10 never ordering from them again :-) and I highly recommend not buying from them. I already had an issue when I initially placed the order and they charged me twice, got that fixed up but now I’m just waiting on a package that is never coming. It’s like they don’t even try, how is this an official business??

  • Janet Fulk

    I just received a sticker that was supposed to be 5″ in size and it is only 21/2 x 3 if that big. False advertising!!

  • Hans

    I wonder if their San Francisco address is fake. Even the smallest company in the world has a phone number but not Bustyourbubble. The checkout seems to be the worst. If anything it’s a one incompetent person operation.