The Basics of Backbone.js Presentation

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Today I did a high-level presentation of Backbone.js, covering many of the same topics from my book. This video is a recording of my voice as well as the presentation. It was done in front of an audience of about 50 Barracuda Networks employees.

I Wrote a Book: Instant Backbone.js Application Development

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So, yeah, I wrote this book: Amazon: Instant Backbone.js Application Development Packt: Instant Backbone.js Application Development The process took a couple months, despite the relatively short length of the book. You wouldn’t believe how many times the book has to go back and forth between the publisher and the writer! I’ll have to write about… Read more »

Tracking Backbone.js “Page Views” with Mixpanel

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At the startup I was working with recently, I was tasked with getting the different “Page Views” in Backbone.js to be sent to Mixpanel as different page views. Backbone doesn’t use normal page views, since it’s a Single Page Application framework. Page view events are only triggered by the Mixpanel javascript library during a page… Read more »