Upgrading Linode II: Xen to KVM

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It’s been a while since my last Linode upgrade (about five months judging by the uptime-o-meter). This upgrade took about fifteen minutes and from what I can tell resulted in no side effects. While the last upgrade came with about 60% increase in throughput, this upgrade was closer to 16%. Take it with a grain… Read more »

Upgrading Linode

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I’ve been happily hosting my various PHP/nginx websites and occasional crazy Node.js application on a Linode 1024 VPS for the last couple years. Recently I’ve been looking into AWS and other VPS/PaaS providers for side projects and figured I should check out what I was getting from my Linode. Interesting. Apparently I haven’t upgraded or… Read more »

Transitioning from MediaTemple to Linode

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If you’ve been following my Twitter account, you’ve undoubtedly noticed my complaints regarding MediaTemple. I’ve been a customer of MediaTemple (MT) for several years now, hosting over a dozen domains there. I’ve been hosting all of these domains on their shared host plan (gs), which runs $20 a month. For about two years, I was… Read more »