Installing PECL :: ncurses on Ubuntu 10.04

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I recently had the task of installing the PHP PECL extension ncurses on my Ubuntu 10.04 (Desktop) machine. PECL is a repository manager for PHP extensions. Ncurses is a tool for doing all sorts of awesome command line terminal stuff, such as colors, building windows, updating part of the screen instead of the entire screen,… Read more »

PHP / MySQL Web Application Migration Steps

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I was recently asked how easy it is to move a web application based on the PHP/MySQL realm of web application development. When moving a static website, one can “drag and drop” the website from one location to another, and things usually work just fine, so surely moving a web app is this easy? Unfortunately,… Read more »

PHP cURL Replacement

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If you are a PHP developer who writes a lot of software which needs to be executed in many different shared hosts, it can often be frustrating when certain hosts don’t offer all of the functionality your applications require, specificially the cURL libraries. I’ve seen these missing on several hosts, either for security reasons or… Read more »

Web Spidering

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Spidering, in its simplest form is the act of transferring data from one database to another. Spidering requires the use of Regular Expressions, the cURL library (if POST data or cookies are used), and the cron libraries (if we need to download information with a schedule).