Database Administration using phpMyAdmin

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This document will cover various database administration activities using phpMyAdmin (PMA for short). This covers three levels of administration; database level, table level, and row (data) level. PMA is a database front end for the popular database language/architecture MySQL. PMA itself is written in the equally popular server-side language PHP.

Change PHP Timezones

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When working with dates, PHP uses the system time by default, which is dependent on the timezone the server is in. So, instead of doing tricky math with the results of the date function, you can simply change the timezone. Here is the function used to change the timezone: <?php putenv(“TZ=US/Detroit”); ?> One thing to… Read more »

PHP Bargraph Generator

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This script is loaded using an image tag and generates data based on information added as GET parameters. For example: <img src=”bar.php?value=100&max=256&info” /> Generates: This script requires at least four files to use. The first is an HTML file which loads the image (of course), the second is the background “bar.png” image which the graph… Read more »

Guide to installing ClipShare 4.1 on a Linux VPS

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This guide is currently incomplete, and will likely stay incomplete since we didn’t keep notes and don’t plan on ever installing the application again. Hopefully these introductory steps will help. This is a technical guide detailing the steps a person has to go through to install ClipShare 4.1 on their web-server. Firstly, you’ll need a… Read more »

Amazon PHP Authentication Function

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Amazon recently changed their requirements for sending information back and forth between you and them. This includes the addition of a hash which is used to authenticate your calls with a secret key. Here’s the message from the email: Dear Product Advertising API Developer, We wanted to remind you that all Product Advertising API developers… Read more »

Generating Password Protected ZIP Files using PHP

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This is a method for compressing files using the ZIP compression and assigning passwords to them on demand. One requirement is that you are on a Linux server (the script executes command line options that aren’t present on a Windows PC).