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Last Friday was my last day at my previous employer. I was there for about two years (minus a few months for the startup in California). I made a lot of friends there and worked on some cool projects, but the gypsy in me felt it was time to move onto the next chapter.

Since I don’t get enough vacation (none of us Americans do really), I opted to take a week off before my next endeavor begins. That’s right, from tomorrow to Friday I don’t have to set my alarm clock :D.

Of course, I’m a workaholic, so this won’t be a real vacation. I’ll be building my proficiency with several technologies I personally feel I’m lacking in, continue to work on my drawing skills, and keep up the technical writing.

Semi-Ambitious ToDo List

  • Draw 10 pictures
    • At least 2 need to be freehand
  • Increase Technical Proficiency
    • Build a production app using Redis
    • Get as good with PostgresSQL as I am with MySQL
    • Build an app which uses advanced MongoDB features
  • Build another HTML5 game
  • Open source two new projects (can be the above projects)
  • Write 5 blog posts, one of which hits a news site homepage

For my next career, I’ll be working in downtown Ann Arbor. My commute time will drop from 2 hours a day to 20 minutes, allowing me to spend more time in A2 and working on side projects. Ann Arbor is the technical hub of Michigan, and is by far my favorite MI city. I had been commuting to Detroit, which is my least favorite city (ironically my car was broken into on my last day).

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