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I’ve open sourced and hosted my VIM configuration on github. It’s configured to work more like an IDE and less like a text editor. With features like file browsing and listings of classes, functions/methods, and variables/properties, it does a pretty good job! I mostly run this setup with MacVIM, but it runs fine in other operating systems with a small amount of tweaking.

Browse my VIM PHP IDE configuration files!

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  • Loy

    The project on the github,that “git module update” can’t work

  • Loy

    “git submodule update” can’t work.
    the error info is
    “Submodule ‘bundle/colorschemes’ ( registered for path ‘bundle/colorschemes’
    Submodule ‘bundle/command-t’ (git:// registered for path ‘bundle/command-t’
    Submodule ‘bundle/phpcomplete’ (git:// registered for path ‘bundle/phpcomplete’
    Submodule ‘bundle/tagbar’ (git:// registered for path ‘bundle/tagbar’
    No submodule mapping found in .gitmodules for path ‘bundle/tlib_vim'”