3D Printer at All Hands Active

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I’ve been working at the All Hands Active Hacker Space in Ann Arbor a lot recently for my Raspberry Pi project I’ve been working on. I got to the point where I really needed to secure my project into its enclosure so that it would stop moving around. One of the guys there (Mike) who… Read more »

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While attempting to clean up the git history for the NeoInvoice project (aka removing database exports containing user data as well as passwords hard-coded into PHP file), I somehow was able to duplicate every file in history. So, for every commit, each file now appears to have been committed four times, with the different files… Read more »

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NeoInvoice has finally been shut down. Scroll down and look through the Related Posts if you would like an understanding of the history of the project. UPDATE: If you love this project, I am now accepting donations. [raw][/raw] This video is of me going over the features of NeoInvoice. This is just in case the… Read more »

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I’ve had a frustrating time using the GPIO features of the Raspberry Pi under Arch Linux. For the GPIO to work, there is a directory where one can simply pass an integer into different ‘files’ to enable or disable a GPIO pin. Unfortunately, when using them, there are permission errors: $ sudo echo “4” >… Read more »

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I’ve done some more work on the enclosure today, thanks to the wide variety of tools provided by the All Hands Active hackerspace in downtown Ann Arbor. A lot of people have been questioning the case I’m building for the Raspberry Pi, since it is so much bigger than the unit itself. I think these… Read more »

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This is a duplicate of the same post at NeoInvoice.com, since that site will be gone soon. Good news for those of you who would like a large application to tear apart! The Flippa Auction has ended without any bids, and I will be open sourcing NeoInvoice in the next few days. This would theoretically be bad… Read more »

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This great article, entitled “The care and feeding of software engineers“, does a pretty good job talking about us software engineers and why we do the things we do. The article quotes a tweet by Mark Berry, which does a good job of summing up burn-out: I can’t state this enough: Programmers don’t burn out… Read more »

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Here’s a hard to find utility in OS X for working with wireless: /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Apple80211.framework/Versions/Current/Resources/airport The utility provides a lot of functionality normally provided by the wireless-tools packages on Linux, such as iwconfig, iwlist, etc. Here’s the –help listing of the utility: $ airport –help Supported arguments: -c[] –channel=[] Set arbitrary channel on the card -z… Read more »

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All of the links in this post goes to the relevant Amazon product, in case you want to purchase the same hardware. Here’s some pictures of my Raspberry Pi enclosure. It is basically a hard drive enclosure which I drilled and filed down. You can get a similar enclosure from Amazon, however that version doesn’t… Read more »