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So, you want to run some website benchmarks from your Mac, do you? Well, good news and bad news. The good news is that your Mac already has it installed, but the bad news is that it is broken. If you’ve run the command now, you’ll probably seen the following error message: $ ab -n… Read more »

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I recently worked with a bunch of guys from Red Hat’s OpenShift PaaS “Platform as a Service” to get a blog post published over there. While I was working with their interface and making tweaks to my Node.js game engine, I was keeping a bunch of mental notes on what sort of changes I would like… Read more »

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Quick coffeescript from Thomas Hunter II Here is a super fast presentation a Co-Worker and I came up with to talk about CoffeeScript to our co-workers. It is in no way comprehensive, we literally just talk about some simple CoffeeScript examples and what it looks like when compiled into JavaScript. For more useful information, go… Read more »

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I just referred someone to this book on building PHP web scrapers after they emailed me asking about my personal PHP web scraper project. Unfortunately I don’t have time for a lot of freelance work these days, but I’m always willing to suggest a good book or point someone to a pro.

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After wasting an hour and a half trying to get stuff to work, I believe the following commands will get you what you need. I have no idea yet how to run gnuradio yet (hint, `gnuradio` doesn’t exist), but as soon as I do I’m sure I’ll have more to write on the topic. wget… Read more »

Per Vices Phi Computer Setup

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My Per Vices Phi (Software Defined Radio) arrived in the mail several weeks ago, but I didn’t finally get a computer to run it until yesterday. Luckily I had a spare power supply (it had a dead fan), and a hard drive lying around, so all I needed was the rest of the machine. I ended up… Read more »

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Here’s the latest picture of my Raspberry Pi. Notice how it’s not in a sexy metal box, but a bland cardboard box (well, not so bland, it once housed an overpriced Apple keyboard). I’m going to stick to hacking apart cheap boxes until I figure out exactly what I’m building; the aluminum case from Adam… Read more »