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Quick Warning: I started to write this article, then went and consulted with one of my co-workers. He explained to me the bcrypt library. PHP implements bcrypt as the crypt() function. When using the blowfish algorithm in bcrypt, an argument can be passed for the complexity of the hash, where each increment increases the complexity… Read more »

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I’m getting some timeout issues I’ve never had before, after running a massive pacman upgrade on my Arch install. Anyone else seen these issues before? I’m able to make connections, list networks, etc., but when it comes to running dhcpcd it just fails hardcore. $ sudo dhcpcd wlan0 –debug dhcpcd[944]: version 5.5.6 starting dhcpcd[944]: wlan0:… Read more »

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Run this command to recursively delete files based on the provided extension (e.g. log): find . -type f -name “*.log” -exec rm -f {} \; You can remove everything after -exec (inclusive) to print the matched files to the screen (as a test run). You can change the . to be whatever directory you want… Read more »

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I recently had the need to change all of my OGG files to MP3s. Sure, there is a quality loss issue, but I prefer being able to play my music in my car and MP3 player over perfect quality. This script will recursively find all OGG files, and convert them into an MP3 file with… Read more »

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One of the modules I plan on building for the Node.js computer controlling suite is software for interfacing with GPS. But, it turns out someone already built a module named bancroft! So, if you’ve been following my stuff and are interesting in a GPS project, check that one out. There are some features I would… Read more »

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A lot of this article will apply to any network based application, but since I’m a web developer, I’m going to put a web spin on things. Also, I couldn’t help but get into compression a little while discussing browser caching. Caching is a vital part of any high traffic web app, especially ones which… Read more »

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This is an apples to oranges comparison. PHP is an older language, running behind the Apache web server in a request/response fashion. Node.js is a non-blocking event-loop framework running JavaScript within the V8 engine, with an optional web server built in. Then again, is it really an apples to oranges comparison? Both technologies are commonly… Read more »

3D Printer at All Hands Active

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I’ve been working at the All Hands Active Hacker Space in Ann Arbor a lot recently for my Raspberry Pi project I’ve been working on. I got to the point where I really needed to secure my project into its enclosure so that it would stop moving around. One of the guys there (Mike) who… Read more »