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I recently took a trip to Japan. Currently I live in San Francisco as a Software Engineer, and grew up in the Midwest, which should explain the perspective of this post. People and Culture From what I’ve seen, Japanese people want to keep the world in at least as good of a state as when… Read more »

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If you’re using a Yubikey device with a Linux computer, you may have noticed that plugging in the device and pressing the button does emit a string of characters, however it fails to work with U2F websites when using, say, Google Chrome. In order to get it working, you’ll want to execute the following command… Read more »

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This is an adaptation of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Training Guide – Novice 2 that I’ll be using for the San Francisco 2016 Marathon. A friend of mine showed me his excellent guide, however the tabular format on his site is a bit unwieldy, and his digital version only seems to work for iOS. You can… Read more »

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Either I’m starting to get old or my lack of stretching before rock climbing for years finally caught up with me. I started noticing some discomfort in my hands when typing with “normal” keyboards. Not wanting to destroy my hands and a career of programming until the day I die, I bought an ergonomic keyboard to… Read more »

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The XPS13 2016 edition (the 9350) runs Linux pretty good, gets 8 hours of battery life, that is after you’ve done a bit of configuration. With this machine sporting a bleeding 6th Gen Intel Skylake you’ll need to upgrade the Linux Kernel. Upgrade BIOS The BIOS is a bit outdated. With the old BIOS you’ll find… Read more »

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I’ve built (another) JavaScript Roguelike level generator! I’m planning on using it in an upcoming game. It works pretty well though I do have more plans to improve it. Download it from PhobosRising/roguelike-level.js (released under the MIT License). Here’s an example of a generated level:  

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Here’s a post I wrote over at my friends collaborative blog site, Code Planet: The only bad thing about ES7 async/await. It adds some further insight into the async/await constructs given to us by ES7, particularly regarding an anti-pattern which I suspect will become very common amongst developers.

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After five years with the same highly-upgraded Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15″, and a recent trip to the Apple Store for a motherboard replacement, it hit me that my laptop is living on borrowed time and that I should probably get a new machine. What I wanted was an Ultrabook, a lightweight machine with a decent CPU and can run… Read more »