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The XPS13 2016 edition (the 9350) runs Linux pretty good, gets 8 hours of battery life, that is after you’ve done a bit of configuration. With this machine sporting a bleeding 6th Gen Intel Skylake you’ll need to upgrade the Linux Kernel. Upgrade BIOS The BIOS is a bit outdated. With the old BIOS you’ll find… Read more »

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Here’s a post I wrote over at my friends collaborative blog site, Code Planet: The only bad thing about ES7 async/await. It adds some further insight into the async/await constructs given to us by ES7, particularly regarding an anti-pattern which I suspect will become very common amongst developers.

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After five years with the same highly-upgraded Early 2011 MacBook Pro 15″, and a recent trip to the Apple Store for a motherboard replacement, it hit me that my laptop is living on borrowed time and that I should probably get a new machine. What I wanted was an Ultrabook, a lightweight machine with a decent CPU and can run… Read more »

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Ever have the need to keep track of players in a Node.js based game? Maybe you were building a turn-based game and you had a few servers running and you needed some distributed and atomic solution backed with Redis? Well, if this teeny tiny subset of developer need overlaps with yours then today is your… Read more »

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Play It Strategic Game of Life on Google Play Strategic Game of Life on Firefox Marketplace Strategic Game of Life Web (play it on anything) Strategic Game of Life on iOS App Store Strategic Game of Life on Amazon Appstore Strategic Game of Life Classic (2013, desktop only) A Simple Port Strategic Game of Life: Mobile… Read more »

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It’s been a while since my last Linode upgrade (about five months judging by the uptime-o-meter). This upgrade took about fifteen minutes and from what I can tell resulted in no side effects. While the last upgrade came with about 60% increase in throughput, this upgrade was closer to 16%. Take it with a grain… Read more »

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This is a comparison of different methods for performing asynchronous control flow in JavaScript, specifically Callbacks, Promises, Generators / Yields (ES6), and Async / Await (ES7). To follow along be sure you understand how the JavaScript Event Loop works and what it means when code is executed synchronously in the current stack, or shoved into the queue to… Read more »

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There are a myriad of native mobile game engines available today, JavaScript will never be as fast as a game running compiled code, and simply running a game in a browser provides a lackluster user experience. That said HTML5 is still a powerful and free platform that you may already be proficient in, and if written correctly, HTML5/JS can be more than adequate for many… Read more »

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Web development has changed so much! I remember 10 years ago I would Ctrl+S, Alt+Tab, F5. Now it's a much easier Cmd+S, Cmd+Tab, Cmd+R. — Thomas Hunter II (@tlhunter) April 2, 2015