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This document will cover various database administration activities using phpMyAdmin (PMA for short). This covers three levels of administration; database level, table level, and row (data) level. PMA is a database front end for the popular database language/architecture MySQL. PMA itself is written in the equally popular server-side language PHP.

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This post will link you to several websites where you can download free icons. These icons can be easily integrated into any project or application you are developing, whether it be a web application which you would like to redistribute or just setting them as icons for your desktop. All of the icons we’ll be… Read more »

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This is a custom developed Notepad++ theme that I used for many years while writing HTML, PHP, and CSS. This is mostly used for web development languages, so the other languages haven’t been overly tested. For anyone who doesn’t know, Notepad++ is a syntax highlighted text editor, comparable in functionality to the larger web development IDE’s… Read more »

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Here is a good article about Google PageRank and some general SEO techniques… The best way to increase your PR of a site (and boost your organic search results) is to have many people link to you. But, what happens when you link to too many people? Read on… PageRank sculpting

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When working with dates, PHP uses the system time by default, which is dependent on the timezone the server is in. So, instead of doing tricky math with the results of the date function, you can simply change the timezone. Here is the function used to change the timezone: <?php putenv(“TZ=US/Detroit”); ?> One thing to… Read more »