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This script is loaded using an image tag and generates data based on information added as GET parameters. For example: <img src=”bar.php?value=100&max=256&info” /> Generates: This script requires at least four files to use. The first is an HTML file which loads the image (of course), the second is the background “bar.png” image which the graph… Read more »

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We just found out that Google Analytics has a great feature to automatically email a specified list of emails a PDF of the traffic every morning. This is great news for us web developers who keep track of all our clientel traffic in one central location and don’t want to give out our account credentials.

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This guide is currently incomplete, and will likely stay incomplete since we didn’t keep notes and don’t plan on ever installing the application again. Hopefully these introductory steps will help. This is a technical guide detailing the steps a person has to go through to install ClipShare 4.1 on their web-server. Firstly, you’ll need a… Read more »

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We recently attempting to compile ffmpeg 0.5 on a web server, and had the following errors: In file included from libavdevice/v4l.c:32: /usr/include/linux/videodev.h:56: error: syntax error before “ulong” /usr/include/linux/videodev.h:72: error: syntax error before ‘}’ token libavdevice/v4l.c: In function `grab_read_header’: libavdevice/v4l.c:77: error: storage size of ‘tuner’ isn’t known libavdevice/v4l.c:141: error: invalid application of `sizeof’ to incomplete type… Read more »