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There are a myriad of native mobile game engines available today, JavaScript will never be as fast as a game running compiled code, and simply running a game in a browser provides a lackluster user experience. That said HTML5 is still a powerful and free platform that you may already be proficient in, and if written correctly, HTML5/JS can be more than adequate for many… Read more »

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Web development has changed so much! I remember 10 years ago I would Ctrl+S, Alt+Tab, F5. Now it's a much easier Cmd+S, Cmd+Tab, Cmd+R. — Thomas Hunter II (@tlhunter) April 2, 2015

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I’ve been awake for over 24 hours developing at the Beta Breakers Gamejam. Here’s my entry: Play Gridloche (browser) Challenge Post (entry) It’s a multiplayer game where many players can join simultaneously. New characters are made available to all players at the same interval. Drag and drop a character from the inventory at the bottom of the… Read more »

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I’ve been happily hosting my various PHP/nginx websites and occasional crazy Node.js application on a Linode 1024 VPS for the last couple years. Recently I’ve been looking into AWS and other VPS/PaaS providers for side projects and figured I should check out what I was getting from my Linode. Interesting. Apparently I haven’t upgraded or… Read more »

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At work I’ve been tasked with building real-time PvP systems (pushing data from server to client) as well as matchmaking systems for pairing players together (pretty similar stuff to what I’ve been doing since first learning Node.js two years ago). While building matchmaking systems, of course the ELO system used by Chess was brought up (As… Read more »

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I’m releasing my book under a Creative Commons license. You can view the LaTeX code for it on GitHub (and even submit pull requests), or simply download the PDF here. I’ll add more content to the book as people request it, and hopefully get it published one day.

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Cracks marr the surfaceOf your pristine face;Neglect and solitudeLeft acrid distaste.Fear, anger, loathingGuiding every step. Like the Phoenix: rise above,Or perish with regret. One of the neatest things I ever wrote.

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Normally when I host my Node.js-based applications, I’ll SSH into my server, open up a screen or tmux session, run node ./server.js, detach, and call it a day. Of course, if you’re reading this article, you’re fully aware that this is a horrible solution and are looking for an alternative. One thing that is going to… Read more »