Admirable Qualities of a Tech Company

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Like any employee, I've noticed working conditions where I thrive, conditions where I have no motivation, and everything in-between. I've worked at Fortune 50's, Bay-Area Startups, companies with 30-year-old codebases, companies with no codebases. This list represents the ideologies of companies in which I've flourished in the past.

  • Doesn't use a custom framework, especially one which is closed-source
  • Doesn't have arbitrary, tight deadlines
  • Values work-life balance
  • Contributes to the open-source community
  • Allows developers to use their own development machine
  • Not being able to do so can be a sign of an overly coupled development environment
  • Doesn't require proprietary communication protocols
  • Does your Microsoft Exchange server not work with OS X or Linux?
  • Has minimal spaghetti code
  • Consider switching to a Service Oriented Architecture, it helps ;)
  • Prioritizes time to refactor and other things which don't directly generate revenue
  • Isn't a “marketing-driven” company
  • Throws away the Minimum Viable Product
  • Getting an idea to customers quickly is important, but once the idea is validated it's time to architect
  • Considers feedback from developers before making large developer-affecting decisions
  • Gets feedback from developers before assigning tasks, e.g. point assignment
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Thomas has contributed to dozens of enterprise Node.js services and has worked for a company dedicated to securing Node.js. He has spoken at several conferences on Node.js and JavaScript, is an O'Reilly published author, and is an organizer of NodeSchool SF.