Cobalt Dungeon Dev 03: FL Studio Overview

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This is my third video in a series of tutorials on game development. This one is specifically on FL Studio, which is the software I used to create the soundtrack for my game Cobalt Dungeon.

It's actually the first video I posted to Patreon to go live to the public, despite it being the third video I made.

In this video we're going to cover the basics of FL Studio 12, such as the Channel Rack, the Mixer, the pattern editor and the playlist editor. We'll also lightly touch on some music theory but nothing too interesting.

Next we'll add a drum and snare, a synthesizer for bass, and a synthesizer for the lead instrument. Of course, once we have our instruments, we'll also create a drum beat, a melody for our lead, and a bassline which fits with the melody.

Finally we'll route our different instruments to different mixer channels, apply some reverb, and then mix our overall song so that it sounds more full.

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