Cobalt Dungeon Dev 02: Creating a Bitmap Font for Phaser

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In this video we will take a font file (one with a TTF extension) and convert it into a bitmap font (XML and PNG files) for use with the Phaser game engine. Technically these font files can be used for other HTML5 game engines as well, though we'll specifically look at code for loading it into Phaser.

In particular we will use a Bitmap font (non anti-aliased) which we find on the website We will then load the font into a tool called Bitmap Font Generator by AngelCode. There are a few setting which need to be changed so that the font will export properly. Once we save the font we'll need to rename and edit the XML file and its associated image. We also need to do some light post-processing on the PNG file to fix colors and transparency. Finally we load the font into a very simple Phaser project.

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