Introducing Package Diff

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I recently worked on a tool at my employer, Intrinsic. This tool is a web service called Package Diff. It's purpose: display a diff between two versions of the same npm package. This is actually the first hosted service we've released—our core product is a Node.js package which can be installed in a typical application.

A more complete version of this press release is available here: Introducing Package Diff. Just in case you're lazy the following is an excerpt from the press release:

GitHub is a great tool to view modifications to code repositories. It is the de facto source code repository for the Open Source community. Likewise, npm is a great package repository for distributing JavaScript modules, and is also the repository of choice for the Node.js community. That said, neither GitHub nor any code repository provides a perfect 1:1 relationship with between code commits and npm package releases.

By convention, running npm version will create a git tag with a format like v1.0.0, but again, there isn’t a strict enforcement that git tag is the snapshot of code which is released to npm. In fact, it often isn’t, as an author may create a version, modify their README in a follow-up commit, before finally running npm publish. There are even prepublish scripts and .npmignore files which ensure differences between the source code repository and package contents.

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