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By running these commands, you will download the necessary fonts required to render Emoji on your Linux machine.

mkdir ~/.fonts && cd ~/.fonts
unzip && rm

Interestingly enough, I didn’t even have to restart my apps. Pidgin, for example, immediately displayed the new font. It seems the OS is smart enough to find the fonts, see that they display the missing symbols, and re-render the text.

Please note, these will not be the full-color bitmapped images like on OS X, but will instead be colored vectors like the rest of the font glyphs.

Emoji on Linux

Emoji on Linux

6 Responses to “Enable Emoji fonts on Debian / Ubuntu / Mint Linux”

  1. Justin Chaschowy

    Wow Thomas, your blog has been a real help today.

    Two of your linux solutions I found today stumbling onto your blog from Google!

    Great work.

  2. Blah De Blah

    Note the “Symbola” font is presently already present in debian package ttf-ancient-fonts (ostensibly for “ancient scripts”) for some reason. Anyway, there’s therefore no need to install it outside the package system, just install ttf-ancient-fonts on debian/ubuntu to get it. It is weird and unhelpful it isn’t mentioned that “hey guys this package provides emoji symbols” though, there’s a debian bug #758444 about it!


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