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I love public speaking of all forms, from hosting a small class to speaking at a Meetup or even hosting a session at a conference. If you're interesting in having me speak at one of your events, particularly ones related to API design or Open Source technologies, please reach out!

Previous and Upcoming Talks

Prepared Presentations

Here is a list of presentations that I currently have slides prepared for. You can also view some of my proposals on Papercall.

Qualified Topics

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Security for Node.js and JavaScript
  • Redis
  • Technical Writing
  • API Design
  • Microservices
  • Game Development


SF Node November 2016
SF Node November 2016

The JavaScript Event Loop at SFJS
The JavaScript Event Loop at SFJS

SF Microservices March 2017 -- Photo by Earl Ruby @earlruby
SF Microservices March 2017 -- Photo by Earl Ruby @earlruby

2017 Conference Lineups
2017 Conference Lineups


“This meetup succeeded at both the conceptual level of deepening my understanding of how JavaScript works, and by providing practical knowledge.”

— Gregory D; February 19, 2017

“The meeting with Tom was really interesting. I definitely learned some new things, in particular about JavaScript's Web Workers … and using timeline in the Chrome Developer Tools…”

— Julia H; February 16, 2017

“Everyone was friendly and down-to-earth. I thought I might feel overwhelmed because of my limited background in these technologies, but Thomas was able to cater to all levels, and I learned a ton. I will definitely be returning!”

— Kelly K; May 29, 2011.

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Thomas is the author of Advanced Microservices and is a prolific public speaker with a passion for reducing complex problems into simple language and diagrams. His career includes working at Fortune 50's in the Midwest, co-founding a successful startup, and everything in between.