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Here’s a post of mine over at the Intrinsic blog: JavaScript Object Property Descriptors, Proxies, and Preventing Extension. This is an adaptation of the talk I gave at Node Summit 2018: Property Descriptors, Getters/Setters, and Proxies, Oh My!. It covers various advanced JavaScript object concepts, such as Property Descriptors, the 13 Proxy Traps, and how… Read more »

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I’m publishing a three part series on Medium this week: Advice for Technical Public Speaking This content is based on the many technical talks I’ve given over the years, some do’s and don’t’s, a few things I wished I had known earlier, and even my personal philosophy.

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This post is making use of the same code from a previous benchmark: Go v1.9.1 vs Node v8.9.0 Microbenchmark. Check that out for some background and code samples if you’d like to try the same experiment. The applications are very simple. There is a global counter which increments with each incoming HTTP request. Both applications… Read more »

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There’s a growing risk of maliciously crafted npm modules wreaking havoc on our Node.js applications. I wrote a post over on my employers blog entitled The Dangers of Malicious Modules which explains a lot of these dangers. For example, did you know that a module which is loaded anywhere in your application’s dependency chain can… Read more »

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I recently released a mobile game called Cobalt Dungeon. This game is based on Phaser 2 and uses a fullscreen canvas and basically only touches the DOM during initialization. The application itself is wrapped in Cordova 8 and runs on iPhone and Android. It’s currently available for both platforms in their respective stores: Cobalt Dungeon… Read more »

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Cobalt Dungeon is now available for iOS. Check out Cobalt Dungeon for iOS on the App Store! Of course, if you’ve been checking out by recent posts, you’d know that Cobalt Dungeon is a “Puzzle Roguelike” for mobile devices. You play by swiping to move your character and attack enemies. There are also two other… Read more »

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The game I’ve been working on for the last few months is now available on the Google Play Store: Install Cobalt Dungeon for Android (previously named Crossover) Please check it out! One of the biggest things you can do to support me is to install it and write a review! As more people play the… Read more »

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This is my third video in a series of tutorials on game development. This one is specifically on FL Studio, which is the software I used to create the soundtrack for my game Cobalt Dungeon. It’s actually the first video I posted to Patreon to go live to the public, despite it being the third… Read more »