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So, yeah, I wrote this book:

Instant Backbone.js Application Development

The process took a couple months, despite the relatively short length of the book. You wouldn’t believe how many times the book has to go back and forth between the publisher and the writer! I’ll have to write about my experiences in more depth in the future, for those of you interested in publishing works yourself.

The book is currently only available as a digital download, I think it’ll take a few weeks for the copies to get printed before we’ll see physical copies for sale.

The book itself is intended for people who know some JavaScript, and who don’t really know Backbone.js, and are looking to build Single Page Applications. If you like my writing style, and are interested in learning Backbone.js, by all means grab yourself a copy!

Thomas Hunter II

Thomas is the author of Advanced Microservices and a prolific public speaker with a passion for reducing complex problems into simple language and diagrams. His career includes working at Fortune 50's in the Midwest, co-founding a successful startup, and everything in between.
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  • Reinhard Engel

    Do you have any intermediate code examples for download?
    I was working through your examples and entered an ran the code as shown in the book. And I enjoyed it, because I like your writing. Until p.22 everything went rather smoothly; but when I reached ‘Step 6 – refreshing the browser’ on p. 22, I only got the bottom half (the contents of the console, as shown), but not the upper half, which remained empty. I doubled checked my code against the code in the book, but couldn’t find a difference.
    It would be nice if your download code included the major intermediate steps (before you advise to delete this and that code).