PHP + Apache Stack vs Node.js

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This is an apples to oranges comparison. PHP is an older language, running behind the Apache web server in a request/response fashion. Node.js is a non-blocking event-loop framework running JavaScript within the V8 engine, with an optional web server built in. Then again, is it really an apples to oranges comparison? Both technologies are commonly… Read more »

PHP Social Network Bot

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PHP Social Network Bot on GitHub This is a script I threw together back in 2009. The code is really shoddy, but it is a decent proof of concept for building AJAX applications in PHP and displaying a status bar of updates throughout the execution of a long running PHP task. The main guts of… Read more »

Creating Self Executable PHP Scripts

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Normally, to run a PHP script, you type php ./script-name.php, or more conveniently, php script-name.php. If you want to make a php script executable, e.g. by typing ./script-name.php, you’ll want to add the following line to the top of the document: #!/usr/bin/env php Yes, that goes before the <?php statement. You’ll also want to let… Read more »

Open Sourcing EVE Crawler

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PHP Eve Crawler on GitHub This is a project I started working on and abandoned in 2009. It is a spider which was specifically built for crawling websites which contained EVE Kill Mail’s. In the game of EVE, every time you kill a player, an in-game ‘mail’ is sent to you containing information. Players would… Read more »

Open Sourcing my PHP Web Scraper

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Open Sourcing my PHP Web Scraper PHP Web Scraping Engine I started this project in January 2011. It was going to be an easy to use web scraper that anyone could configure. It has an attractive GUI interface using jQuery UI elements. The selectors can be entered using three different methods; the first is the tried… Read more »

Retiring and Open Sourcing StockPyle

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The bad news is that we’re shutting down one of our old web apps, The good news is that we’re open sourcing it on GitHub! StockPyle on GitHub. This app had some big aspirations going for it. I wanted to make an app that local insurance companies could brand and have their customers sign… Read more »

Requests for PHP

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Requests for PHP Here’s a pretty cool PHP library for making HTTP requests. It handles all of the nasty cURL stuff behind the scenes and just leaves you with a clean “API” for making requests. $headers = array(‘Accept’ => ‘application/json’); $options = array(‘auth’ => array(‘user’, ‘pass’)); $request = Requests::get(‘’, $headers, $options); var_dump($request->status_code); // int(200) var_dump($request->headers[‘content-type’]);… Read more »

PHPStorm 4.0 Released

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PHPStorm 4.0 Released PHPStorm 4.0 has just been released! It adds some cool new features like PHPCS (CodeSniffer) integration as you type, and PHPUnit code-coverage reporting and highlighting. These are really awesome features to have if you work at a large PHP company which makes use of these two technologies (which I do). Download it… Read more »

Open Source AJAX Game Engine

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Today I’ve open sourced the game engine to an old game I started work on and abandoned in 2006. Open Source AJAX Game Engine on GitHub It’s a horrible, failed experiment, using polling and sloppy JavaScript, some horrible PHP 4x syntax, and un-optimized MySQL. It was one of the first apps/games I ever built. I learned… Read more »