Node App Inspired by Daniel Suarez' Book Daemon

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Node Daemon
Node Daemon

Inspired by my recent marathon of reading Daemon by Daniel Suarez (a high tech thriller), I came up with the Node News Daemon project. It scans a list of RSS feeds for a list of phrases, and performs an action when a phrase occurs.

In the story, the evil mastermind was looking for certain events such as his obituary or having a protagonist saying a certain phrase, which would trigger other events to happen. Due to the distributed, event-driven nature of the Daemon, Node.js is the perfect platform for building such daemons.

There's a to do list attached, if the project is popular I'll take care of them, otherwise feel free to submit pull requests ;-).

Oh, if you want to thwart this daemon, contact Yahoo and have them throw in a GUID that is several GB's large on an article that triggers an event, thusly causing the process to run out of RAM.

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