Track IP Address using DD-WRT + CRON + WGET

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After moving to my new apartment, it was time to dust off the old Linksys router I had lying around. This thing has been hacked to run the latest DD-WRT that it could handle.

My network address changes occasionally, and I didn't want to setup any dyndns accounts to keep track of the IP and have it resolve to a hostname. Honestly, just being able to get the last IP address is good enough for me.

So, I came up with this script that I run on one of my websites which listens for HTTP requests. When it gets one, it simply logs the IP to a file and spits it back out to the client.

Then, whenever I want to grab the IP address of the home network, I just hit another URL to grab the IP. The script is requested from my router every hour.


Open your DD-WRT settings, go to Administration | Management, and scroll down till you see the section on CRON. You can add the following rule to have your router grab the file every hour:

*/60 * * * * root wget



$handle = fopen("./ip.txt", 'w');
fwrite($handle, $ip);
echo $ip;


echo file_get_contents("ip.txt");


touch ip.txt
chmod a+w ip.txt

Obtaining IP

Simply browse to to get the last known IP address.

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