What have I been up to? Late 2017 Edition

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This year I will have spoken at least 14 events including 11 meetups and 3 conferences. Teaching is a huge passion of mine but I must admit I did have a secondary goal. That goal is of course to promote and sell copies of my most recent book, Advanced Microservices! After a presentation I pick a random member from the audience and give them a copy. When someone gets their name called their eyes usually light up and they get a big smile. Who doesn't love a free book! It's always a fun experience.

I've been getting more and more involved with the Node community recently. After being a mentor for a little more than two years I ended up stepping in to become an organizer of NodeSchool SF. This is a monthly event where a bunch of mentors assist mostly self-guided students learn Node (and JavaScript in general). I was recently interviewed by the Node Foundation for their Enterprise Conversation series. I'm also volunteering to help write the Node.js Certified Developer exam, which is also through the Node Foundation.

On a less professional note I traveled through Central Europe, visiting four countries along the way. I had an amazing time, met great people, tasted amazing food, and drank awesome beer. I can't wait to experience more great countries next year.

What next? Who knows. I haven't worked on enough side projects recently. Publishing a book on Node seems like a good choice. Keep an eye out, I'm sure whatever I do will end up in a blog post.

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Thomas has contributed to dozens of enterprise Node.js services and has worked for a company dedicated to securing Node.js. He has spoken at several conferences on Node.js and JavaScript and is an O'Reilly published author.