Save the Cat! Printable Beat Sheet Timeline

I've been reading Jessica Brody's Save the Cat! Writes a Novel in the hopes of becoming a better author of fiction. This book essentially lays out a map, referred to as a Beat Sheet, which applies to nearly all modern stories. The book is based on the original work done by Blake Snyder which covered screenplays.

The book is quite awesome and I kept finding myself drawing timelines to align the pacing of the stories I was writing with the Beat Sheet described in Save the Cat. After the third time I drew out the diagram I realized I should just make a template and print it out.

Save the Cat! Printable Beat Sheet Timeline
Save the Cat! Printable Beat Sheet Timeline

This is an unofficial printable companion for the Save the Cat! Writes a Novel book. It is in no way endorsed or affiliated with the original author of the book. This printable document isn't useful at all without actually having a copy of Save the Cat, so if you'd like to use this companion please buy a copy of the book first.

Download the PDF here: SaveTheCat.pdf

The leftmost area of the document contains the Life Lesson (page 16) and the Genre (page 81). Check off the box that fits best with your story (though, you'll want to use a pencil, as the genre will change throughout the writing process). Along the top is an area for the working title, your name, and a summary of the Story A and Story B (page 14). The bottom contains the actual Beat Sheet timeline. The center of the page is left blank. What I like to do is write little notes along the timeline which reference the notes in the center of the page.

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