Advice for Technical Public Speaking

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I’m publishing a three part series on Medium this week: Advice for Technical Public Speaking This content is based on the many technical talks I’ve given over the years, some do’s and don’t’s, a few things I wished I had known earlier, and even my personal philosophy.

Recent Concerns about Node.js Security

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There’s a growing risk of maliciously crafted npm modules wreaking havoc on our Node.js applications. I wrote a post over on my employers blog entitled The Dangers of Malicious Modules which explains a lot of these dangers. For example, did you know that a module which is loaded anywhere in your application’s dependency chain can… Read more »

Is it time to replace REST with RPC?

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Here’s an article I wrote and published on Medium (as an experiment of sorts):¬†Is it time to replace REST with RPC? The article is based on some talks I’ve given as well as my recent areas of research. Depending on levels of engagement I might start posting there more often ;)

The only bad thing about ES7 async/await

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Here’s a post I wrote over at my friends collaborative blog site, Code Planet: The only bad thing about ES7 async/await. It adds some further insight into the async/await constructs given to us by ES7, particularly regarding an anti-pattern which I suspect will become very common amongst developers.

CodePlanet: Principles of good RESTful API Design

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Some friends and I are working on a project called CodePlanet.IO. It’ll be a high-quality tutorials website, and we plan on eventually releasing screencasts of full-stack development using various web-related technologies. Our first big post is an article of mine on the¬†Principles of good RESTful API Design. You might not have realized it, but I’ve… Read more »