Recent Concerns about Node.js Security

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There’s a growing risk of maliciously crafted npm modules wreaking havoc on our Node.js applications. I wrote a post over on my employers blog entitled The Dangers of Malicious Modules which explains a lot of these dangers. For example, did you know that a module which is loaded anywhere in your application’s dependency chain can… Read more »

Respond to JSON or XML requests from a Node.js API

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Here’s an NPM Module I came up with which can convert a javascript object to XML, EasyXML. There’s a few of them out there already, but they lacked some configurability that I desired, specificially the ability to have pluralized/singular parent/children for array objects (a convention we use at work). The name of the module is… Read more »

Node.js Convert JSON to XML, Pluralize

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I’ve been doing a lot recently with building an API using Node.js. One of the features of the API is that it will provide JSON or XML depending on the accept header passed in by the client. One thing I didn’t want each API request to do was handle the logic for building an XML… Read more »

NPM SSL Errors

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At my day job, we sit behind a firewall which can break SSL certificates. If you attempt to install something with NPM and get the error message npm ERR! Error: SSL Error: UNABLE_TO_VERIFY_LEAF_SIGNATURE, it means you are in a similar situation. To fix this, simply run npm config set strict-ssl false and the issue will… Read more »

Speech Synthesis and Bluetooth with Node.js

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The next two modules I will be building for Node.js are a speech synthesis and a Bluetooth wrapper. No, they won’t be doing the super low level stuff like talking directly to Bluetooth hardware or generating audio from english text. Instead they will be wrappers for existing open source programs. The Bluetooth module will work… Read more »

Node.js Robotics Software Suite

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Raspberry Pi Powered Autonomous Machine

One thing I’ve been working a lot on lately is my node-wireless Node.js NPM module. This tool, when done, will allow node apps to fully control all aspects of one or many wireless connections. This includes connecting to a network, disconnecting, discovering networks, handling authentication. Everything will be event based, e.g. an event will happen… Read more »

How to organize large Node.js projects

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How to organize large Node.js projects What are some good ways to organize large Node.js projects? For example, an app making use of both express.js and This would include both application logical structure as well as filesystem. Currently, I’m finding myself shoving a ton of code into a single master js file and placing… Read more »

Node.js Wireless Wrapper

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I’m working on a Node.js module for handling everything a person could want to handle regarding wireless networks. This includes connecting, disconnecting, event handlers, you name it! GitHub: node-wireless npm: wireless I would definitely appreciate anyone contributing to this project. Imagine, building a robot powered by a RaspberryPi, walking around the city, looking for open… Read more »