Enabling Yubikey U2F support in Linux

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If you’re using a Yubikey device with a Linux computer, you may have noticed that plugging in the device and pressing the button does emit a string of characters, however it fails to work with U2F websites when using, say, Google Chrome. In order to get it working, you’ll want to execute the following command… Read more »

Web Spidering

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Spidering, in its simplest form is the act of transferring data from one database to another. Spidering requires the use of Regular Expressions, the cURL library (if POST data or cookies are used), and the cron libraries (if we need to download information with a schedule).

Password Encryption, Hashing, Salting Explained

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Renowned Media has had several questions about password security, one way encryption, password hashes, salting hashes (not a food reference I swear!), the risks of having a database hacked, and the like. This non-technical article will go into detail about these concepts, and will contain a few examples but will not contain any code. Feel free to apply these concepts with any programming language you please.

Generating Password Protected ZIP Files using PHP

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This is a method for compressing files using the ZIP compression and assigning passwords to them on demand. One requirement is that you are on a Linux server (the script executes command line options that aren’t present on a Windows PC).

Data Hiding in a Word Document

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Originally written by Thomas Hunter as a homework assignment in college. The object of the assignment was to hide data inside of a word document. The Microsoft Word version that I used is 2007 as that is the version that I own. Several months I read an article about Microsoft’s attempt to turn its new… Read more »