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Cobalt Dungeon (previously Crossover) aims to be a “Mobile Roguelike Puzzle” game. For the last several years I’ve been trying to create Roguelike games with varying success. My most prolific attempts were with a series of incomplete games I created called Cobalt Calibur. There were actually three iterations of this game! Cobalt Calibur is a… Read more »

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Hey there! I’m a Software Engineer, Musician, Story Teller, Blogger, Public Speaker, and most importantly, an Indie Game Developer. I’ve created several games in the past, almost always written using web technologies. A lot of people think that HTML5 isn’t powerful enough to run a mobile game, but when I show them a fullscreen game… Read more »

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I just finished an early version of a Twitter Bot which generates playable Zork-like levels and post them via Twitter. Levels can be interacted with by replying to the bots tweets. You can check out the bot at @DemocraticZork on Twitter. The game itself was inspired by a recent conference I attended called Roguelike Celebration…. Read more »

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This is a contrived microbenchmark comparing an HTTP server written in Node and Go. In both examples we have a global hit counter which increments with each request. The value is then returned to the client as JSON using simple string interpolation. This is the command we use for the benchmark: siege -b http://localhost:8000/ Node… Read more »

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This year I will have spoken at least 14 events including 11 meetups and 3 conferences. Teaching is a huge passion of mine but I must admit I did have a secondary goal. That goal is of course to promote and sell copies of my most recent book, Advanced Microservices! After a presentation I pick… Read more »

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Here’s an article I wrote and published on Medium (as an experiment of sorts): Is it time to replace REST with RPC? The article is based on some talks I’ve given as well as my recent areas of research. Depending on levels of engagement I might start posting there more often ;)

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This week I refactored a Node project of mine from the traditional Node callback pattern to the recently available Async/Await pattern. This pattern is available without transpiling code as of Node v8.3. In this post I’ll walk you through a small example of this conversion. This particular project is by no means large; it consists… Read more »

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Here’s a bookmarklet I created for selecting a random attendee of a Meetup. I use it for giving away copies of my book after giving a talk. To use it, click and drag the below link onto your toolbar. Once you’re on a meetup event page you can click the link in your bookmark bar… Read more »

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I look at the watch securely strapped to my wrist and see that it’s 4am, which means I haven’t slept in about 48 hours. The heat in the hostel room is palpable and the open window doesn’t so much provide a breeze as it provides a constant stream of drunken German conversation and the sound… Read more »

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This is the final part in this series on using Redis with Node.js. The content of these posts is partially adapted from my book, Advanced Microservices. There is also a companion presentation, Node, Redis, and You!, which I’ve given at several meetups and a conference. The nice thing about the MULTI / EXEC commands is that they… Read more »